Who said loafers are ugly college campus shoes? They can also be a pretty fashionable shoe for a casual and informal use. And who said they are men's shoes? Well, originally they were, but as bare legs and shorter skirts have become more acceptable for women, some styles of loafers have become fashionable as a sock free shoe for us girls (like I am wearing it). I personally fell in love with this pair from Calvin Klein Collection: 100% leather, made in Italy, absolutely versatile colour, and only 78,-€ from an original 248,-€ (170,-€ less)!!!! I wear them with chinos and a blouse, with a dress or even with a more formal "office look". Comfortable and chic, what else!? Oh yes, you probably want to know where I bought them: McArthur Glenn Outlet in Salzburg. 

Mission complete,

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