Save my whallet is a campaign to save my look.
Hi, my name is Martina and first of all I am NOT a fashion blogger. Well I am not a fashion blogger in the real meaning of the term, but yes this blog is about dressing up. I like fashion blogs, I follow some, I have friends who blog, but I have never ever wanted to blog about fashion. Why? Well because my passion is baking (see my main blog), I am not photogenic at all and feel embarrassed when taking pictures, I don´t usually follow the season´s trends, I don´t buy fashion magazines, I wear only what I feel confortable in and what I really like even if it´s from previous years. Apart from all this, what I really really like to wear is designer clothes. Yes H&M is fine for the basics, Zara is ok for simple denim pieces, but I have come to the conclusion that you always have to invest in quality; it stays and it pays back!

We are too poor not to have first quality stuff

The only problem is: designer clothes are expensive! That´s true but I have my own shopping philosophy. When I go shopping I never go looking for something specific, I always buy what I find. It´s actually fun: if had an outfit in my head and could not find all the pieces I need I would feel unsatisfied, but once I´m in the shop and see what there is, it is then that I start creating a look. It´s always kind of a surprise, I never know with which look I´ll go back home. For this reason my main and probably only source are outlet centres, factory stores, sales, online sample sales, flee markets, and vintage shops. I don´t usually buy full price and I am always so satisfied when I purchase something with 70% off the outlet price.

I truly believe one can always look good and wear quality clothes if one knows how and where to buy!

Bye, M
P.S.: I don´t mean to discard any low cost brands or glorify designers. I only want to share with you my way of buying and styling. Criticism is allowed!


  1. I love it, I just act as you do!!! keep posting

  2. I like finding top end pieces at bottom end prices, quality always pay back!!! great job and a very good initiative, I also like the logo!


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